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    零风险 零加盟费

    EIVSON 伊菲尚时尚女装

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Exude an urban woman


Brand Positioning

  • "Yifei Shang" brand ladies
    Located in the 25-39 year old urban knowledge of women. The pursuit of "simple, elegant, fashion " clothing design, chic,elegant fabric, smooth craft line."Yifei Shang" women's style simple and generous, rich colors. Clever combination of artistic creation and dress fashion.
  • Yifei is still a way of life
    Confidence, knowledge, freedom, quality of life.Brand with a special chain of monopoly business strategy, franchise to join the chain system to use the Yifei Shang trademark, shop image, service, etc., and in strict accordance.

Women's clothing store so hot is the secret?

Yifei Shang investment cooperation policy, our product advantages are as follows

1、 risk-free business model : zero inventory, clothing within one month unconditional return

2、 Maximize profit : Maximize profit

3、 large-scale production capacity : eight thousand square production base, 500 skilled workers

4、 good incentive system : manufacturers support policy - for the end of the franchisee to provide rebate support

5、 differentiated market operations : hundreds of new products launched monthly, followed by the trend

6、 Experienced design team : dozens of professional designers, more than 10 years experience in fashion design

7、 reliable product quality : clothing fabric selection sophisticated, cutting process smooth